Sunday, 17 June 2012

Is wine better before, during, or after sex?

As intriguing as this posting sounds from the title, I could lead you through a lot of advertisements and other more boring things before I finally brought you to the answer, but I will provide it to you immediately - wine is best before sex.  It can be used during all three phases, but for most guys, if we only had wine during sex, we wouldn't be drinking much at all, and if we were to drink during foreplay, there would not be time to get even one sip in for your typical male.  And seeing a woman drinking wine preparing for or participating in sex, is a very sexy thing indeed!

Why do I believe wine is best before sex?  First of all, I am passionate about wine and sipping a little bit of a nice wine, like lighting candles, makes me more interested and passionate about having sex.  And after sex, I am usually flushed with contentment (BTW, I am talking about sex with my wife - a loved one, not random sex, paid sex, group sex or anything like that.) and wine would be an overload.  Therefore, I never drink wine immediately after sex.  (Today I had an intervening nap and two hours before I got back to drinking wine!)

Wine can play an interesting role and use during sex.  First of all, lips soaked in wine from a recent sip can act as a perfume or another special taste co-mingled with your lovers other scents.  Additionally, sprinkling a bit of wine over your lover's various body parts and lapping it up can be quite sensual.

One warning though about drinking wine before sex - have only a little to help the mood.  Too much and you may not be able to perform!  A little alcohol can act as a stimulant, but too much becomes a depressive.  And for you older guys, it is not a good idea to combine Viagra and wine as too much of either can give you heartburn.

And now the other key question - what wine goes best with sex?

Without question, that would have to be a bubbly, like Champagne.  And make sure to be generous and share some with your partner!  Otherwise, your selfish ways may turn her / him off.  Or some exotic or difficult to find wine.  The wine being special is a reflection of her / him being special.

As many of you know, I blog a lot about matching wine to food and I have also blogged about matching wine to chocolate.  And soon, I will do the same for cheese.  However, I do not have any useful ideas on matching wine to sex, except to repeat what I said above - bubbly or difficult to find wine for most sexual experiences!

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  1. Interesting post, thank you! Couldn't agree more, drinking wine before sex relaxes mind and body and sets the stage for a passionate erotic experience. Sipping on it during sex adds another level of intrigue and elevates the naughty-factor of the sexual activity. Wine truly makes sex better. My favorite wine for this type of occasion is a heavy red sipped slowly before and during sex. There is just something sensual about deep reds, how they color your lips, how they make your skin glow, and how they warm and stimulate your sex organs to the point you want it NOW and you want it BAD.