Saturday, 30 June 2012

Four-Part Series on Australia's Wine Regions

An American friend with a love of wine wanted to know more about Australian wines.  I decided a quick introduction to the Australian wine regions would be a good overview.  Therefore, I created a very short four-part series on Australian wine regions which will be released over the two weeks, along with some other postings on wine / food matching and other topics.

The four-part review comprises:
Please understand that this is not a deeply researched review, but a more generalized review based on my slim knowledge of Australian wines and their history.  However, it should provide a overview for the uninitiated on Australian wines and their regions.

Once this series is complete, I will provide some more in-depth reviews of the various regions with recommendations on some great and great-valued wines from each region.


  1. Cool. Here in California there is plenty of great quaff but there are wonderful non-Cali bargains now on the shelves in our vino shoppes from other countries - and without the high-alcohol levels in the rich, fruity, "big wines" from the Golden State. I'm a total newbie to the outback tipple. Is there Marmite in it? Educate me, baby.

    1. Jeff, you've made a classic "beginner's mistake" for any American. Marmite is "old school" coming from the UK, while it is Vegemite here in Australia. The slight difference in taste (one taste like duck shit, the other like gooses shit [and "no", I have not tasted either - this is just an allegorization] comes from the difference in terroir. British salt is different from Australia salt in so many ways.