Thursday, 29 March 2012

What to drink with Thai food tonight?

We just got a call from some of our 'best buds' that they are picking up Thai food and bringing it over for dinner tonight.  We originally were going to go to one of our favorite restaurants HUX at Nortons, and will miss doing that now, but just 45 minutes ago, I had been looking at a Facebook friend's dinner picture of Thai food and got really hungry for Thai food tonight, so this is a great surprise.

Usually I like a day to prepare my wine choices in case I need to go to my larger wine cellar which is about 15 minutes away from where we live.  I always have some wine in the apartment anyway, but a somewhat more limited selection.  Usually I would choose a crisp Hunter Valley Semillon or a Gewürztraminer to go with Thai food, but the only Semillon I have here is a 1994 Waverly Estate Semillon which is far too rich and I will save that bottle to go with a rich scallop dish some day soon.  Therefore, we are going to pull out a 2007 Clare Valley Annie's Lane Coppertrail Riesling to go with the Thai food tonight.  Should be great!  Most importantly, we are matching up our three favorites things (1) great friends, (2) great food, and (3) great wine to have a great time overall.

A night off from cooking for DAZ in the Kitchen to enjoy some good Thai takeout and wine.


  1. The riesling you picked was perfect for dinner.

  2. We paid only $15 per bottle for this Riesling, a great value!