Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tune in tomorrow to find out wine topic on Food in Focus!

I am privileged to once again participate in Natascha Moy's great radio talk and music show tomorrow called Food in Focus.  It airs at 4 pm until 6 pm Saturday, Sydney time. Just follow the link for Food in Focus and you can log into the digital channel (or 89.7 FM in Sydney if listening over the air waves) to listen in from anywhere in the world (make sure to adjust time to 4 pm Sydney time though!)  I was a guest last November and look forward to being one again tomorrow.  In November we discussed 'party wines' and it was great fun.

Natascha airs this show every Saturday and has been doing it for a while, so it takes great creativity to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas.  There are food topics and wine / spirits topics every week.  When Natascha asked me again, we started to discuss what topic we should focus on.

I suggested 2007 Hunter Shiraz and what a great vintage it was, reviewing the very best from that vintage.  She said it was going to be too hot to drink Shiraz throughout the show in its entirety and I agreed (of course I need to bring wine and we need to taste it - otherwise, how could we discuss it 'intelligently?').  She counter suggested I pick out and discuss three wines to match to a menu of:
  • Fish say a lightly grilled Kingfish with a simple lemon butter sauce
  • Pork terrine
  • Lamb backstrap
I thought it a good idea, but if we did not have the food there, we would have to speculate a bit, so I countered and suggested comparing three Hunter Semillons - a young, medium, and vintage version to show how they mature over time.  Natascha mentioned she has done Hunter Semillons 'to the death' and did not want to repeat, and then she made a great suggestion that I thought was perfect!

Of course, I am not going to tell you before the show, so dial in to listen to us tomorrow at 4 - 6 pm Sydney time on Food in Focus with Natascha Moy and guests.  We will have a great time, you will be entertained and hopefully learn a little bit more about wine.  Hope you join us and are listening in tomorrow!

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