Saturday, 18 August 2012

"Goon" wine - heh?

It has been a long while since I have gone out walking early on a Sunday morning.  I left our apartment about 7:30 am, walked down to the Darling Park wharf area, and was deciding if I should turn right and check out the progress on Barangaroo, or turn left and walk back towards the center of the city.  I made the mistake of turning left and was surrounded by four teenage boys who apparently were still a bit drunk since last night.  And if they weren't drunk, then they were just being boisterous and obnoxious while acting drunk.

One kept trying to get ahead of me and read my vest (which is a Lindemans logo vest).  He asked what Lindemans was and I told him it was a winery.  He made mention he had never heard of them, but asked me what I thought of Goon wine.  I told him that I had never heard of Goon wine, but he assured me it was a type of wine and I should try it out if I liked wine.  I fortunately found a road to turn off onto, and was able to separate from the youngsters, as they shouted at me to make sure to try Goon wine!

In my recent post on "What authority do I have to write a wine blog - Part 1", I made mention of having some little parcels of expertize that the 'great's such as Jancis Robinson, James Halliday and Campbell Mattinson do not have, such as some of the minutia I have learned about the Hunter Valley and some of their wineries.

Well, this morning on my walk, I was put in my place by learning that others knew some things about wine that I was not aware of - for example, Goon wine!  So I did a little research and found the following:

The Invention of GOON was in 1965. An Australia mate called Thomas Angove from South Australia was the first person, who patented wine in a Carton Box. He put one Gallon, which is 4.5 liters of wine into a box and sold it. This was the moment GOON has been created. Later on the Box and the container has been optimized and in nowadays GOON is in a Plastic Space-bag and that Space-bag is in the Carton Box. One of the reasons why GOON is so cheap is because obviously the Carton Box is way more economic than bottles.

It appears to be the drink of choice for backpackers as it can be consumed in volume and is cheap and cold.  I now know all I want to know about Goon wine and you never need fear that I may blog on it again!

I have been truly humbled and realize there is a large wine world out there that I am just never going to be familiar with!  Don't tell Robinson, Halliday or Mattinson - it might depress them!

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  1. Hi Steve, great post! I am not an expert in wine as you are, but I learned about Goon now!

    May be it is because we like great wine!!

    Cheers, Daniel