Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Top 3 viewed wine posts and how social media shaped their success

There are three blog posts which have generated almost double the views of my other 40 or so posts.  These being:

Surprisingly, the post on Wyndham Estate Wine and Chocolate Masterclass is the oldest post of the three, but still generating regular viewing.  This may be because it is linked to and visible from the Wyndham Estate Facebook page.

Wyndham Estate

The Why I think Château D'Yquem is the best wine in the world post was far in the lead until recently.  And the post on What's in a glass? seems to have the most lasting educational value and has been shared around more than other posts.

Each post is currently within two views of each other.  It is interesting to see how and when people view different posts and try to understand "why?".  I was surprised to find out that almost half of the more recent views being directed to SAZ in the Cellar come from the "Stumble Upon" website, more so than from Network Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

There are a lot of fascinating principles underpinning the success of social media and I am just starting to figure out some of them and also to be surprised by and learn from others!

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